We have a friendly and exciting team at Kenneth Froom Tours, eager to help you book your next cruise or casino trip. Get to know a little bit about what we each do here, and give us a call to book your next VIP vacation. You deserve it!

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Kenneth Froom
President & Founder

Kenny comes from humble beginnings in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Since taking a step back from his boxing career in 1982 to pursue his Junketeering dream, he has developed an excellent reputation in the Casino Travel Industry.

As President of Ken Froom Tours for the last 35 years, Ken is focused on providing top of the line service to his VIP casino guests. Kenneth Froom Tours, Inc is recognized internationally for its outstanding offers and attention to detail. His hand selected staff have many years of experience in the casino industry, providing a hassle-free personalized experience for players of all levels.

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Dulani "Duli" Perera

Duli leads our marketing department with many years experience in developing and applying marketing materials. Among various top-level responsibilities, she manages our team of motivated individuals.

Derek Beckel

Derek is our internal operations manager at the company. He works to streamline processes, create a positive work environment and maintain satisfaction with all of our employees and clients alike.

Savannah Strouse

Savannah heads the bookkeeping at Ken Froom Tours, ensuring accuracy, promptness and security with all financial transactions. She diligently acquires accurate player ratings and uses her expertise to maximize player comps.

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Devin Torres
Casino Specialist

Devin leads our dedicated casino team to provide the level of excellence that has come to be expected of our company. She consistently mentors our team to ensure all-around efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.

Amanda Brown
Casino Specialist

Amanda assists with all aspects of casino bookings while maintaining a proficient workplace and providing our team with the tools we need. Among various duties, she is in charge of travel plans with an affinity for extracting excellent itineraries.

Marco Palacios
Casino Specialist

Marco is one of our dedicated casino specialists, with exceptional knowledge in the industry. While he is adept at finalizing casino reservations, he spends most of his time engaging our players on various social media platforms.

Corey Passander
Casino Specialist

Corey provides essential support to our casino team as a whole. With a solid history in administrative assistance, Corey brings a fresh point of view to our operations through innovative and effective practices.

Lisa Furman
Casino Specialist

Lisa reinforces our team through her application of sales and support with a positive attitude. She has a comprehensive history in customer service, often providing players with options that exceed expectations.

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Adam LaChant
Computer Programming

Adam assists our team through constantly developing our internal software tools. With many years experience, he works with our team remotely to pinpoint issues and fabricate innovative solutions. 

Sherif Mikhail
Information Technology

Sherif is responsible for establishing and maintaining our hardware and network infrastructure. With over 20 years experience, he is able to solve any and every computer issue we send his way.

Ronald Froom
Administrative Assistance

Ronald is responsible for organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures. He assists our team in all aspects of the job, providing essential support when it is most needed.